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Causes of conductive deafness and how to overcome them

Conductive deafness is a condition when sound cannot enter the inner ear because there are problems in the ear canal, eardrum, or hearing bones in the middle ear. This hearing loss can be caused by several things, ranging from blocked earwax, infections, to tumors in the ear. The process of hearing starts from the capture of sound waves around us by the ear canal. Inside the ear, the sound waves will make the hearing bones in the middle ear vibrate. Then, the vibration then stimulates nerve cells in the inner ear to pass it on to the brain. The process of delivering sound from the ear to the nerves until it can be processed by the brain is what makes the ear can hear. If there is damage or disturbance in the ear, hearing loss will occur. One hearing loss that is quite common is conductive deafness. Causes of Conductive Deafness Conductive deafness is a type of deafness that occurs due to hearing loss or connective tissue in the ear, so it cannot deliver sound properly. Apart fro
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Do not be confused anymore, this is the choice of exercise to shrink the stomach

Distended stomach can not only reduce self-confidence, but also the risk of causing various health problems. But do not be afraid, there are many ways you can do to overcome a distended stomach and stretchy. One of them is to routinely exercise to shrink the stomach. A person can have a distended abdomen when there is accumulation of fat in the abdominal area, both under the skin and in the abdominal cavity, which is around the organs in the stomach. This fat buildup occurs when the number of calories from food consumed exceeds the number of calories burned by the body into energy. In addition, bulging stomach can also be caused by: Unhealthy living habits, such as lack of sleep, lack of exercise, and frequent consumption of alcoholic drinks. Menopause. Stress. Certain medical conditions, such as obesity, ascites, Cushing's syndrome, and hypothyroidism. If left unchecked, an overly large stomach size or excessive weight can increase the risk of various diseases, such as h

Food for a Successful Pregnancy Program

Food for pregnant programs has a significant role in preparation for pregnancy. By consuming food for the following pregnancy program, expectant mothers can prepare themselves so that the body is always healthy until the prospective baby comes. After marriage, most couples would want to pet the child immediately. One recommended tip for getting pregnant quickly is to eat healthy foods for the pregnancy program. The chance to get pregnant will increase, if both partners always undergo a healthy and balanced diet. Eating healthy foods and folic acid supplements can also reduce the risk of defects in your child later. Intake Options for a Successful Pregnancy Program Here are some foods for a successful pregnancy program. Protein Protein helps repair damaged body cells and produce amino acids. This amino acid is a builder or supporter of the growth of your body cells and your little one. In addition, protein also increases the amount of blood in the body, and helps the uterine an